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  • Cement Mixer

    The Tradesman TP22M 2.2CF 65L 450W Concrete Mixer On Stand With Extended Wheels is a well engineered mixer ideal for the professional and semi professional user. With its durable high capacity 2.2CF steel bowl it also features reinforced structures for supports around axle, pneumatic tyres with steel rims, high torque 450W motor and single belt drive. Features: <ul> <li>16” pneumatic tyres & steel rims able to handle almost any terrain</li> <li>Heavy duty powder coated bowl 2.2 cubic feet / 65L capacity</li> <li>High torque 450W motor with single belt drive</li> <li>Large soft grip handle</li> <li>User friendly ON/OFF switch with reset button</li> <li>Extendable axles, axles extend from 670mm to 930mm</li> </ul> Specifications: <ul> <li>Watts: 450W</li> <li>Voltage: 240V 50Hz</li> <li>Belt: Single</li> <li>Unmixed Dry: 85L or 3 CU/FT</li> <li>Mixed Wet: 65L or 2.2 CU/FT</li> <li>Gross Drum Volume: 110L or 4CU/FT</li> <li>Drum Mouth: 400mm (16")</li> <li>Bowl Material: Steel, Powder Coated, 35mm solid hardened steel shaft</li> <li>Tyre Size: 16” x 4.0 x 8</li> <li>Dimensions (L x W x H): 1350mm x 670mm x 1570mm</li> <li>Weight: 64kg</li> </ul>
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  • Concrete Grinder – Terrazzo

    Concrete Grinder - Terrazzo Grinder
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  • Pressure Washer – Stihl RB600

    <h5 class="product-details__title">POWERFUL 5.2KW HIGH-PRESSURE CLEANER</h5> <h5 class="product-details__title">DESIGNED FOR EXTENSIVE USE</h5> <div class="woocommerce-product-details__short-description"> <div class="product-details__description richtexteditor"> With the STIHL RB 600 petrol high-pressure cleaner, you can quickly and thoroughly clean heavily soiled façades, floors and surfaces, for example. This professional cleaner features a powerful 5.2 kW (7 hp) petrol engine that can generate a maximum working pressure of 220 bar. A sturdy frame protects the engine and pump during tough applications. The high-pressure cleaner can be started easily and effortlessly. You can easily set the cleaning pressure on the pump to suit your application, which can prevent damage to delicate surfaces. The STIHL RB 600 takes in the right cleaning agent for your application from external containers. The second handle on the spray lance provides additional comfort, even when working for longer periods with the machine. And when you need to take a break, the machine is also equipped with a convenient holder and parking position for the spray lance. </div> </div>
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