Mini Loader – Vermeer

Key Features

  • The S925TX comes standard with a dual hydraulic auxiliary system with high flow to power the most demanding attachments and a low flow to give the operator maximum control.
  • Get more out of each day with a tipping capacity of 1198.8 kg and rated operating capacity of 419.6 kg while reaching to maximum hinge pin height at 214.6 cm.
  • Single joystick ground drive control offers a smooth range of motion without balancing the engagement of two separate controls. The handgrip enables the operator to maintain a secure grip while providing good joystick control.
  • Protective steel wings with cushioning increase operator comfort and support, providing a surface to brace against while working in uneven terrain.
  • The dedicated spring-cushioned operator platform keeps the operator out of the mud and debris.

General Dimensions and Weights

  • Design: Ride-on/track-drive
  • Length (With Standard Bucket): 106 inches / 269.2 cm
  • Length (Without Standard Bucket): 84 inches / 213.4 cm
  • Width (With Standard Bucket): 42 inches / 106.7 cm
  • Width (Without Standard Bucket): 36 inches / 91.4 cm
  • Height: 58 inches / 147.3 cm
  • Height (to Hinge Pin): 84.5 inches / 214.6 cm
  • Ground Clearance: 6 inches / 15.2 cm
  • Weight (Standard Bucket, Diesel Engine): 3465 lbs / 1571.7 kg
  • Weight (No Bucket, Diesel Engine): 3350 lbs / 1519.5 kg