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  • 2.0KVA Generator

    Honda 2.0KVA Generator
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  • 20KVA Generator

    Choose from single or three phase options with distribution boards and cables
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  • All Terrain Scissor

    Snorkel S2255RT & S2755T Available, both on trailers so you don't have to pay for freight!  
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  • Cement Mixer

    The Tradesman TP22M 2.2CF 65L 450W Concrete Mixer On Stand With Extended Wheels is a well engineered mixer ideal for the professional and semi professional user. With its durable high capacity 2.2CF steel bowl it also features reinforced structures for supports around axle, pneumatic tyres with steel rims, high torque 450W motor and single belt drive. Features:
    • 16” pneumatic tyres & steel rims able to handle almost any terrain
    • Heavy duty powder coated bowl 2.2 cubic feet / 65L capacity
    • High torque 450W motor with single belt drive
    • Large soft grip handle
    • User friendly ON/OFF switch with reset button
    • Extendable axles, axles extend from 670mm to 930mm
    • Watts: 450W
    • Voltage: 240V 50Hz
    • Belt: Single
    • Unmixed Dry: 85L or 3 CU/FT
    • Mixed Wet: 65L or 2.2 CU/FT
    • Gross Drum Volume: 110L or 4CU/FT
    • Drum Mouth: 400mm (16")
    • Bowl Material: Steel, Powder Coated, 35mm solid hardened steel shaft
    • Tyre Size: 16” x 4.0 x 8
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1350mm x 670mm x 1570mm
    • Weight: 64kg
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  • Compressor

    Peerless P17 P17 Single Phase Air Compressor: Belt Drive, 15Amp, 3.5HP, 320LPM Ultimate performance: 320L/min free air. Dual outlets: water trap filter regulator, direct tank pressure. Peerless cast iron pump, 5-year warranty. Impressive performance with reliability.
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  • Concrete Grinder – Terrazzo

    Concrete Grinder - Terrazzo Grinder
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  • Double Toilet On Purpose Built Trailer

    A Double Trailer is an excellent solution for when you need to move multiple portable toilets around with ease to various job sites, events, or waste disposal points.  The trailer is manufactured from a galvanized duty frame to prevent rust, and portable toilets or showers sit low within the unit for extra stability when moving. The Statesman Portable Toilet is a favourite among a wide range of industries due to its versatility and durability. Fully self-contained, it can be used approximately 500 times before the waste needs to be removed.
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  • Duct/Material Lift

    Genie Superlift Advantage SLA-15 lift is ideal for wide loads as well as narrow doorways, and can be loaded easily into the bed of a pickup truck. Overview
    • Easy to set up quickly without tools in just seconds
    • Removable attachments for easy storage and loading
    • Multiple load-handling options
    • Can be loaded easily into the bed of a pickup truck
    Measurements Working height - standard forks (forks down): 4.46 m Working height - standard forks (forks up): 4.98 m Height - stowed: 1.99 m Standard base Length - stowed: 0.74 m Length - operating: 1.88 m Width - stowed: 0.80 m Width - with stabilizers lowered: 1.85 m Ground clearance: 5 cm Mast tilt angle: 3.5° - 4.5° Load height min: 15 cm Productivity Load capacity at 18 in (46 cm) load center: 363 kg Load capacity at 24 in (61 cm) load center: 363 kg Load capacity at 42 in (107 cm) load center: 227 kg Weight and Floor Loading Weight - Standard: 151 kg
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  • Excavator – 1.7T

    The Kubota U17-3 is the perfect excavator for tackling jobs in the tightest of spaces. Powered by Kubota 17HP engine, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability, the U17-3 delivers on superior maneuverability and maximum digging performance. This compact excavator delivers the power you need, the control you want and the smoothest performance when you need it most.
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  • Excavator – 2.5T

    Compact, versatile and powerful, the Kubota U25-3S excavator is ideal for those working in congested worksites. Built to last, the Kubota U25-3S is powered by a reliable Kubota 20.9HP engine, that easily moves in and out of tight spaces with ease. Offering superior comfort, the U25-3S is packed with site. Zero-tail swing keeps the tail within the width of the tracks, so you can turn the house throughout its 360-degree turning radius without worrying about what is to the side or behind you. Zero-tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and fast operation, making the U25-3S ideal for jobs in congested urban areas.
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  • Excavator – 4.5T

    Remarkably versatile, Komatsu mini-excavators PC45R are compact, light, and powerful. They can work anywhere, particularly in tight spaces. Perfectly suited to both end-users and rental companies, these machines offer first-class comfort and controllability to the experienced and the novice operator alike.
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  • Heater

    Choose from a range of gas heaters, Patio heaters, Jetfire heater etc,
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  • Light Tower

    LED Light Towers
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  • Mini Loader – Kanga (Diesel)

    Kanga DW625 Loader with 4 Way Bucket
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  • Mini Loader – Kanga (Petrol)

    Kanga PW628 Loader with 4 Way Bucket
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  • Pallet Trolley

    Pallet Trolley
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  • Portable Shower

    The Portable Shower is an ideal solution for when you have access to water mains, but no permanent showering facilities. Simple to connect to running water and a hot water system, drainage is at the back of the Portable Shower for easy connection to nearby waste pipes.
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  • Power Distribution Board and Lead

    Power Distribution Board and Leads Multiple options available. Please call to discuss your requirements.
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  • Pressure Washer – Stihl RB600

    With the STIHL RB 600 petrol high-pressure cleaner, you can quickly and thoroughly clean heavily soiled façades, floors and surfaces, for example. This professional cleaner features a powerful 5.2 kW (7 hp) petrol engine that can generate a maximum working pressure of 220 bar. A sturdy frame protects the engine and pump during tough applications. The high-pressure cleaner can be started easily and effortlessly. You can easily set the cleaning pressure on the pump to suit your application, which can prevent damage to delicate surfaces. The STIHL RB 600 takes in the right cleaning agent for your application from external containers. The second handle on the spray lance provides additional comfort, even when working for longer periods with the machine. And when you need to take a break, the machine is also equipped with a convenient holder and parking position for the spray lance.
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  • Skid Steer Loader/ Bobcat 2.4T

    701s  Operating data Operating weight  kg 2.400 Payload  kg 680 Tipping load  kg 1.360 Bucket capacity level m³ 0,29 Bucket capacity heaped m³ 0,36 Bucket width  mm 1.520 Height  mm 1.947 Length with bucket mm 3.060 Engine / Motor Engine / Motor Yanmar Engine / Motor type 4TNV88 Motor Water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine Engine performance  kW 34 Displacement  cm³ 2.189 RPM / speed Operation rpm 2.800 Battery  Ah 88 Tank capacity  l 52 Hydraulic system Operating pressure Work hydraulics bar 210 Operating hydraulics - discharge capacity  l/min 62 Hydraulic oil tank  l 55 Power transmission Travel speed  km/h 12 Standard tires 10 x 16,5 Traction drive Quattrostatic = 4 separate drive motor/transmission units Service brake Hydr. parking brake
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  • Submersible Pump

    Submersible Pump
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  • Toilet On Purpose Built Trailer

    The Statesman Portable Toilet is a favourite among a wide range of industries due to its versatility and durability. Fully self-contained, it can be used approximately 500 times before the waste needs to be removed.
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  • Toilet On Skid

    The Statesman Portable Toilet is a favourite among a wide range of industries due to its versatility and durability. Fully self-contained, it can be used approximately 500 times before the waste needs to be removed.
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  • Trailer 10 x 6 Cage

    Tandem Axle 10 x 6 Cage Trailer
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  • Trailer 6 x 4 Cage

    6×4 Single Axle Domestic Heavy Duty Cage Trailer
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  • Trailer 7 x 4 Cage

    Single Axle 7 x 4 Cage Trailer
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  • Trailer 8 x 4 Cage

    Tandem axle 8 x 4 trailer with cage
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  • Trailer Car Beaver Tail

    Tandem axle beaver tail car trailer, Trailer weight 800kg GVM 3000 kg Total load 2200 kg
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  • Trailer Car Light

    Tandem axle light car trailer, Tare 850kgs, ATM 1990kgs Max Load 1140kgs
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  • Trailer Cool Room

    Large trailered cool rooms available.
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  • Trailer Enclosed Furniture

    Enclosed trailer, L:3.6m x W:1.8m x H:1.8m Max Load: 800Kg
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  • Trailer Flat Top

    Trailer flat top, Tare 1280 kgs, GVM 3000 kgs, Max Load 1720 kgs Great to carry building materials etc
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  • Trailer Horse Float

    Rear load 2 horse float.
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  • Trailer Motorbike

    3 bike trailer with spare wheel
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  • Trailer Mounted Boom

    Trailer Mounted Boom Lift - Nifty 120T and Haulotte HTA13P available
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  • Trailer Scissor Lift

    Up to 19ft electric scissor trailer, tandem axle
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  • Trailer Small Plant

    Single axle trailer with full ramp, deck is 3050mm Long and 1830mm wide between the mud guards. This trailer is ideal for mowers and UTV/side by side vehicles.
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  • Trailer Water Cart Fire Fighter

    Tandem axle water cart trailer, 1500L capacity, Honda GX160 firefighter with hose. Honda specs
    ENGINE TYPE: 4-stroke single cylinder,OHV petrol engine,25° inclined cylinder,horizontal shaft
    CYLINDER SLEEVE TYPE: Cast iron sleeve
    BORE X STROKE: 68 x 45 mm
    DISPLACEMENT: 163 cm³
    NET POWER: 3.6 kW ( 4.8 HP ) / 3600 rpm
    CONT. RATED POWER: 2.5 kW ( 3.4 HP ) / 3000 rpm,  2.9 kW ( 3.9 HP ) / 3600 rpm
    MAX. NET TORQUE: 10.3 Nm ( 1.05 kgfm ) / 2500 rpm
    IGNITION SYSTEM: Transistorised
    STARTER: Recoil 
    FUEL CONS. AT CONT. RATED POWER: 1.4 L/h - 3600 rpm
    DIMENSIONS: (L X W X H)312 x 362 x 346 mm
    DRY WEIGHT: 15.1 kg
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  • Trolley

    Choose from a range of various trolleys
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  • Wallpaper Steamer


    The HTW-5 Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper for the hire and rental, contractor and professional decorating markets is the safest and easiest to use steam wallpaper stripper available today. Robust and simple to service, the HTW features a unique anti-scald system and steam tank life-time guarantee.

    The HTW is designed to efficiently plug and- strip - simply fill with hot or cold tap water and connect to the power supply. The HTW will steam-up in 10 to 25 minutes and continue to run for up to an hour and a half before switching off automatically when a low water level is reached.

    The user then simply disconnects the HTW from the power supply, waits 2 minutes to allow the steamer to cool, and then refills. This eliminates the need for the user to remember to constantly check the water level.

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  • Wood Splitter


    The WS150 features robust construction and a 150kg capacity cable operated block lifter. The innovative double handed control system ensures ease of use and unmatched safety. A 9hp engine is fitted as standard, but a 6hp engine is also available. The 9hp engine delivers a whopping 21 tons of splitting power and a 7 second cycle time. MAX TOW SPEED 60KM/H
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